Turkish machinery industry will double its exports in 5 years

Turkey is among the countries seeing the highest growth in machinery exports 

Turkish machinery industry will double its exports in 5 years


The Turkish machinery industry remains sensitive to the needs of international manufacturing businesses by investing in R&D and innovation. The industry offers competitive prices and high-quality products, and therefore extends its influence over global markets. It delivers 60 percent of its exports to EU countries and the United States, and generated 10.1 percent of Turkey's total exports in 2018. It was among the top three Turkish industries with the highest growth rates in exports last year. And during this period, it has managed to raise its exports by 15.5 percent as well.


Kutlu Karavelioğlu, the Chairman of the Machinery Exporters' Association, pointed out that the annual exports of the Turkish machinery industry exceeded $17 billion: "We are among the countries that have increased their machinery exports the most. It is not common for a technology-oriented industry to achieve this growth rate. We aim to maintain our 15 percent annual export growth rate, and double our exports in five years."


Karavelioğlu emphasized that last year, the growth rate of Turkey's machinery exports was four times higher than the world's rate with its increasing competitive power:

"We have increased our machinery exports 10-fold since 2001, as we have quickly embraced the digital transformation and established lasting relationships based on mutual trust with our customers abroad. Our sales have continuously grown thanks to our emphasis on R&D and design, our improved logistic facilities and high-quality after-sale services. By investing in state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, we will boost brand awareness for our machines."


"We will respond the European industries' machinery needs with innovative products."


Karavelioğlu stated that the increasing need for special purpose machines has helped the businesses with dynamic, flexible and quick design and production processes to shine in the supply chain:


"The Turkish machinery industry can respond quickly to the demands and needs of European industries. Our strong industrial capacity allows us to produce special purpose machines and develop technologies for niche markets.  We are one of the leading players in the European manufacturing industry that have adopted the New Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, and interpreted it in a unique way. Each year, we strengthen our position in global trade by underscoring quality. We introduce major innovations with our sub-sectors concerning the development of our industry.


Karavelioğlu said that Germany, the US, UK, Italy and France are the countries that use Turkish machinery the most:


"The popularity of our machinery grows in each market we operate, especially in air conditioning and cooling machinery, engines and spare parts, washing and drying machines, construction and mining machines, pumps and compressors, machine tools, agriculture and forestry machinery, textile machinery, turbines, jet propellers and valves. We have enjoyed systematic success over the years, as we have increased our exports by around 15 percent every year for almost 20 years, increased our market share in developed countries, and improved our position in not only specific areas but also all sub-sectors. We will make every effort to be worthy of the trust that our business partners have placed in us."