Turkish machinery manufacturers are aware of Italy's importance

Turkish Machinery Manufacturers Are Aware of Italy's Importance

Turkish Machinery Manufacturers are getting ready to demonstrate their products that are promisingly to upscale competition during EIMA Fair to be organized in Bologna, Italy between 07- 11 November. 

Being organized with participation of the firms acknowledging indisputable importance of export in global economy and follow the developments in the world, agricultural fairs attract more and more attention every passing day.  Machinery Exporters’ Association (MAIB) will be participating to biannual Esposizione Internazionale di Macchine per l'Agricoltura e il Giardinaggio (EIMA- International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition) in Bologna, Italy together with 72 Turkish machinery manufacturer firms.  Starting its activities in 2002, Machinery Exporters’ Association aims to serve as an umbrella organization for machinery exporters and to coordinate any kind of activity that may contribute to improving national export volume.   The Association hosts more than 11.000 machinery exporters under 22 sub-sectors. Stating that the production rate of the member manufacturers in agricultural machinery segment is enough to meet the requirements of 228 countries ranging from tractors, milking machines to packaging machines, Zeynep ERKUNT ARMAGAN, Executive Board Member of MAIB added:

Each exhibition makes bilateral relations stronger

Machinery Exporters’ Association is the only and single exporters association where machinery exporters are represented in Turkey. Well-organized structure and solidarity of our members has enabled the sector taking huge steps in last 15 years by balancing the production very precisely in quality- price axis. Turkish machinery sector exports to 228 countries thanks to its engineering competences and competitive pricing policies. On the other hand, Italy has a strategic importance for Turkish Machinery Manufacturers. It is because Italian Market is the top second market that Turkey exports agricultural machinery most.  In 2017, export to Italy constituted approximately 6 % of our total export volume.  Primary exported products are the vehicles that are followed by miscellaneous machinery.  In addition to observing state-of-the art developments in the sector, many participant firms return from the exhibition succeeding new contracts, orders and partnership proposals. Such partnerships and cooperation are justified pride of Turkish machinery sector and its actors. 

Position of Turkish Agricultural Machinery in the World 

Having Plain of Mesopotamia, the motherland of agriculture, within its territory, Turkey’s biggest advantage is its capacity for following the requirements of horticulture for centuries and capability for producing machinery specific to each type of climate. Therefore, Turkey has remarkable machinery manufacturers that follow changing / developing technologies in the world to go beyond today’s conditions.    

In 2017, Turkey exported agricultural machinery to approximately 120 countries valuing USD 654 Mio.  Of respective amount, USD 320 Mio represents tractor export while remaining USD 334 Mio represents equipment export. Total export volume amounts approximately to USD 800 Mio together with tractor components and parts export valuing around USD 150 Mio. Export has increased by 24 % in first 10 months of 2018. It is the highest level of all times. 

Export to Italy, our friend, reached to USD 63 Mio in 2017 and highest share came from tractor export representing USD 55 Mio of respective export volume.  

I am sure that EIMA will be again start of countless new fresh long term cooperation for the common of farmers from all over the world.  I wish having successful, joyful and profitable fair for everyone.”